Thursday, 23 July 2009

Buenos Aires Welcomes Gay & Lesbian Tourists

WELL, I am definitely going way down south on this one, but there is a good reason for it.

Last week we were in
Buenos Aires for the GNETWORK event - the 2nd International Meeting for Gay and Lesbian business. The event was at the beautifully designed Axel hotel , the first "hetero friendly" hotel in South America. It was a great event with speakers from all over the world and with a big audience on both days.

I gave a talk on incoming LGBT tourism in
Brazil and the promotion of destination Florianopolis for the international LGBT market (here is the connection to this blog!).

Another reason to link
Buenos Aires to Florianopolis is that a lot of Europeans and North Americans that visit one, want to visit the other. And it is a great combination for a short holiday: Buenos Aires with all its culture, excellent restaurants and parties and Floripa with its great beaches and relaxing atmosphere (and parties too!).

In summer, there are direct flights (a mere 2 hours journey) between the two cities, making it a very easy going holiday.

Brazil Ecojourneys tips:

  • To find your way around gay and lesbian Bs As grab a GMaps guide. Updated every 3 months the guide is a great help for any G and L visitor;
  • An economical alternative for accommodation in Buenos Aires is to rent a flat. There are many options but these two companies cater mainly for the LGBT community: BA4U and Friendly Apartments.
  • When going out to clubs , remember that Argentineans go out even later than Brazilians- places don't get busy until 3 am!
  • Tango has become popular once again with the younger crowd and there are venues that cater for same-sex tango classes- check GMaps for details;

Sunday, 5 July 2009

More Adventure in Santa Catarina

For those adventurous travelers out there that are more into trekking than biking, you can join this month a small group ( maximum 8 people) on the best long-distance trek in Santa Catarina, the crossing of São Joaquim National Park.

This park in the Serra Geral mountains was created to protect the remaining Araucaria forests of the catarinense highlands and is one of the last natural habitats of the puma in South Brazil.

Next departure is scheduled for 28th July, departing from Florianopolis the day before. For more information, click here.