Saturday, 23 February 2013

Short Breaks from Sao Paulo for Business Travellers

In Sao Paulo for business? Here are 5 great places to escape it for the weekend. 

Sao Paulo is the megalopolis of Brazil and the business centre of Latin America. People from all over the world come to this highly energetic city for work every week. Although it has its hidden charms, Sao Paulo is definitely not love-at-first-sight and most foreign visitors would rather escape from it as soon as possible.   

If you have only a weekend to spare, where would you go? 

Brazil is continental in size: you will not be able to do the Amazon or the Pantanal and would barely have time to unpack if you go to the Northeast coast but there are some 2-night or 3-night break destinations just over an hour’s flight from the city that can show you some highlights and also some hidden gems of Brazil.

1) The un-missable sight “do-able” in 2 full days is without doubt the Iguazu Falls. Direct flights from GRU will take you there in 1h30 min. Planning your flights right, you can do both sides of the Falls and still have time for some relaxation by the pool.

2) A great beach destination in just over an hour? Do what a lot of Paulistas executives do- go to Florianopolis for the weekend. If you enjoy beautiful beaches, sports and outdoor activities, this is definitely your Island.

3) If you rather have just 2-days of perfect relaxation, your first choice should be a weekend at Ponta dos Ganchos, one of the most exclusive resorts in South America, less than an hour by car from Florianopolis airport. Even better if you bring your significant half: it is one of the most romantic hotels in the world, according to The Daily Telegraph.

4) Ever dreamed of learning to surf? If you manage to leave Sao Paulo earlier on Friday go a bit further down the Santa Catarina coast. One hour south from Florianopolis airport you will be in the rustic-chic beach resort of Praia do Rosa,  a laid-back destination with charming guesthouses, starred restaurants and some of the best waves on the Brazilian Coast- that you can tame with the help of  a great surfing coach, Capitao David. Already a surfer?  Come in winter and you get the bonus of big swells and whales!

5) Colonial towns+Rainforest+the most spectacular Train Journey in Brazil? All of these you will find in this short tour from Curitiba, a mere 30-min flight from Sao Paulo. Arrive earlier on Friday and add contemporary Brazilian culture to the mix by visiting the excellent Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

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