Monday, 24 August 2009

Kindness of Strangers : Community Tourism in Brazil

Visitors to Brazil usually list the stunning nature of Brazil as the number one attraction, but the friendly nature of Brazilians themselves comes a close second. As anyone who has visited Brazil can attest, Brazilians are fun loving and very welcoming. You will encounter this warm hospitality everywhere you go, whether it is in a small remote community or the big city. There is even scientific evidence for the “simpatico” mentality of the Brazilians: a study called “Kindness of Strangers” by Robert Levine (CSU-Fresno) published in American Scientist (2003), showed that Rio de Janeiro was the friendliest of 23 large cities in the world.

No wonder then, that there are plenty of community tourism possibilities in Brazil.

Interested to read on : Download here Kindness of Strangers : Community Tourism in Brazil (pdf)

Text by Ariane Janer from Ecobrasil institute.

See Brazil Ecojourneys site for community tourism programs.


gate valves said...

i like the shot of the waterfalls from anitapolis. the water is like silk! amazing

na mi said...

Great to know that Brazilians are the main attraction of their country. We share the "simpatico" quality in Asia's Latin City. Hope you can visit us too at