Sunday, 2 January 2011

Five great reasons to visit South Brazil in 2011

South Brazil is home to many of Brazil best natural attractions, from the Southern Pantanal to the canyons of Rio Grande do Sul, from the Iguazu Falls to the World Biosphere Reserve of the Atlantic Rainforest. Despite these fantastic places, the region has, until recently, been overlooked by most visitors to Brazil. Here we give you just some reasons to visit the South.

Parana State is best known for the magnificent Iguazu Falls. However, just a short flight away from the Falls, you can enjoy a spectacular train journey that links its pleasant capital Curitiba to the Lagamar, the largest remnants of Atlantic Rainforest in the country, making this region also an unmissable part of any Brazilian trip.

One of the smallest States in Brazil, Santa Catarina has a huge natural and cultural diversity. Besides Florianopolis, don’t miss the stunning Serra Geral mountains, an ideal trekking and horse-riding destination, the whales and dolphins on the southern coast, surfing in Praia do Rosa and relaxing in some of the best beaches of Brazil.

The most southern State in Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, is well-known for its gaucho culture, the pampas and the Jesuit Missions but it has more to offer. Porto Alegre , the capital of the State, is the entry point for the attractive wine region and also the best access to the dramatic canyons of the Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral National Parks.

Brazil Ecojourneys top reasons to visit South Brazil:

1) Iguazu Falls - the most magnificent in the world!
2) Lagamar Estuary- the most unspoilt natural attraction of the South and the World Biosphere Reserve of the Atlantic Rainforest
3) Whale watching in Santa Catarina- close encounter with the Southern Right Whales
4) Santa Catarina Island in Florianopolis - great parties, gorgeous beaches and preserved nature make Floripa a favourite destination for Brazilians;
5) Relaxation at the Emerald Coast - one of the most exclusive beach resorts in the country- Ponta dos Ganchos;


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Hi friend,

South brazil is a country full of immense natural beauty. Exotic beaches and lush rain forests are a few of the wonderful attractions that await visitors and expats alike and the attraction is cost effective, even for families, if flying from Rio de Janeiro or San Paolo, budget friendly packages can be obtained. It is a fun adventure the whole family will enjoy. Thanks a lot!