Thursday, 24 October 2013

Help preserve the River Otter- Eco-Voluntourism on Santa Catarina Island


The Brazilian river otter is listed as an endangered species by CITIES, mainly because of the destruction of their natural habitats, such as the Atlantic Forest, by pollution and human development.

A research project, carried out by the Ekko Brasil Institute in Florianopolis, tries to elucidate many aspects of its ecology to help the conservation of the species.

Brazil Ecojourneys teamed up with Projeto Lontra to offer a unique holiday experience for eco-minded travellers out there.

Our 8-day special River Otter voluntourism program will allow you to visit places that most tourists never get to see; you will enjoy active adventures, such as walking, trekking and canoeing, in one of the most beautiful destinations in Brazil, and, above all, you will give a serious contribution to a scientific and conservationist project for this most charming animal.

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