Thursday, 11 September 2008

Adventure Travel World Summit 2008

Last week we participated in the Adventure Travel World Summit in Sao Paulo. The event was a great opportunity to make new contacts and meet fantastic people working in adventure and ecotourism throughout the world. We also had a unique chance of attending some amazing talks on sustainable tourism. In the opening night Gerard and Margie Moss gave a great introduction about Brazil and about their project studying the influence of the Amazon in the rainfall patterns throughout Brazil. Check for more information.
Antonia Neubauer from Myths & Mountains gave a great talk about how to be a responsible tour operator in developing countries. Their READ project is truly a great example to follow. See for more information. The main theme of the Summit probably was that there is a growing desire for travelling as an instrument of personal transformation. The closing lecture by Carol Bellamy was for me the most inspiring. She pointed that responsible travellers should not only look at transforming themselves but also transforming the lives of those they meet. I couldn´t agree more.

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