Saturday, 20 September 2008

Short trips from Porto Alegre

Revisiting Serra Gaucha this week, we made a stop at Bento Gonçalves, a town founded by Italian immigrants in the middle of 19th Century. Bento is famous in Brazil for its wines and make a great destination for a couple of days away from Porto Alegre, the Capital of Rio Grande do Sul. A great surprise was to find the Sapore & Piacere café, a cafe/bistro that serves delicious lunches for less than US$ 10! Or if you pass Bento in the afternoon, try their cakes and coffee. The café is near the exit of town, just across the church.
Another good gastronomic stop, besides visiting the Vale dos Vinhedos (wine valley) for some wine tasting (see our self-drive program - is at the Casa da Ovelha in the Caminho de Pedras, a rural road with well preserved old stone farm houses, to buy yogurt and cheese made of ewe’s milk. Their mature Pecorino is a great buy!

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